On Thursday 27 February, we received the following response to our letter from Chuka Umunna:

Thank you for your email.

I am always keen to meet local groups to discuss the issues I act on as an MP and to hear a wide range of views. I have seen what your group has said about the situation facing private renters here in Lambeth.

I would have welcomed the opportunity to meet with your group on Friday to discuss the issues facing tenants renting in our area and to hear your views on Labour’s proposals on housing – including a commitment to building the hundreds of thousands of new homes we need, taking action to tackle land banking, regulating letting agents and ending rip-off fees, and introducing a national register of landlords so we protect the good ones and drive out the bad.

I have raised the issue of squatting on behalf of constituents who have come to tell me about the problems they are facing as a result of squatting in their neighbourhood – raising issues such as this on behalf of my constituents is a crucial part of my role as Streatham’s local MP.

I note that you are planning to publish a copy of your letter to me on your website, and presume you will also publish this reply if you do so.

Best wishes,



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