Radical urban reading group

South London Renters holds a regular Radical Urban Reading Group.

We meet roughly once a month at The Sun of Camberwell, 61-63 Coldharbour Lane, Camberwell, SE5 9NS (map) to have informal discussions about housing and related issues. You can usually find us in the room behind the bar (head round to the right hand side when you come in). Everyone’s welcome to join us, whether you know a bit about the housing crisis or nothing at all.

Topics we’re planning to cover in future include:

  • Speculation and the financialisation of housing
  • Rent control
  • Privatisation of housing
  • Distributing housing – alternatives to the market
  • Controlling our own housing

Previous sessions:

We welcome other suggestions for topics, and things to read relating to them. For more info, contact us at southlondonrenters@gmail.com

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