Wall Of Shame

Please share with us pictures and information about the horrible conditions you have to put up with and the price you have to pay for it! Leave your stories in the comments section, or email us at southlondonrenters@gmail.com (we won’t post your name or any other details that could identify you without your permission).

Here are some examples from local renters:

This is how my kitchen floor looked for around 2 months while my landlord “repaired it”. There were a lot of bare wires on show and a 15cm trench running through the centre of the kitchen right in front of the hob and oven – not great when you’re trying to cook!

517There was no apology for the state of our kitchen and constant excuses were made about why the landlord was not able to fix it and why it was taking many weeks to complete.

516Anonymous, Lambeth SE24

In the summer we noticed water leaking through an outside wall in our flat. Despite reporting it to the landlady and her identifying the problem as leaking guttering, six months later it still hadn’t been fixed, and had led to damp and mould in the flat.

Mould SW2 Mouldy window sill SW2

Only a few months previously, the ceiling in the bathroom had collapsed and had to be replaced after the landlady ignored our warnings about water leaking from the upstairs flat (which she also owned). It was staggering that our rent was funding her incompetence and our own inconvenience.

Christine, SW2

1 Response to Wall Of Shame

  1. Bea says:

    Awful conditions!

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